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Solo Site(s) UPDATE!

Its Novel time… Pics coming up next for those who read … :P


For the latest and NEW content please join me on for your chance to interact with me LIVE (not pre recorded shows between paying members). I also just finished making a BRAND NEW 70 picture HD webcam set and a matching 8 min 30 sec Video full of close ups and the sensual seduction you all love and adore…

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused existing and potential members to these sites. But I assure you, I am not going anywhere and will only learn from the past to able myself in making the best decisions for any and all future projects.. With the continuous love and support from all my loyal fans, members and followers I know I will get through yet another transition. Although it saddens me to have to move on from yet another project that I was so deeply consumed and involved in. I am once again reminded that despite all my hard work provided, that in the end, it wasn’t myself who was receiving the most profit. It was so hard to choose between what I knew was right for myself and what could have been an easier decision. But no pain no gain… right?

I pride myself with the fact that I was raised with what us Texans call, true “Southern Hospitality” … I will not go into any details as to why I have made these business decisions. Nor will I partake in highlighting any flaws of those I am no longer in business with.

I will however be putting all my time, energy and true passion into this lovely industry. I have so many ideas, goals and projects that I have for years put on hold until just the right time. Despite my recent struggles, it makes me happy and excited to announce that it is finally, “the right time” . I have been in this industry for 6 years now, and although I will not discredit those who have helped me build onto my career along the way, I would like to toot my own horn and give myself a pat on the back for defying some odds. Proving you can achieve success in the adult industry despite your personal comfort levels and style of “softcore” entertainment. You can overcome transitions and projects that have failed. You can prove that despite what “labels” others will put on you (porn star, whore, slut, DIVA, fake etc…) that YOU are indeed still human, “normal” and never capable of being placed into a category simply because others cast you with labels based on their own insecurities. It makes others feel better about their own flaws when they cast judgment on others. I have dealt with my fair share of ridicule, and I no longer will allow myself to fall victim to others hate. That being said, I am so grateful to those who have taken the time to get to truly know ME, my personality and respect my style of work. It does not go unnoticed.

I apologize for my lack of detail in the current situation. But I choose to rise above the situation with grace and dignity. I will and shall carry on. I understand there will be those who are annoyed and turned off by my decision to yet again transition to new projects. But I hope with time you will all have a better understanding the depth of my decisions underneath the simple observation “Gisele left another solo site” . Like any relationship in life, business, personal, love etc… If your heart isn’t into something and if you are no longer compatible, it is in everyone’s best interest to part ways.
Like any and all past relationships.. I wish everyone the best of success, happiness and will continue to Treat others the way they are treating me. It seems that’s a golden rule that conquers all…

In a nutshell… Yes I am here to stay. Yes I do have new projects on the horizon, both new and old concepts…
Despite any announcements being made, I have to honor the truth and my sanity by announcing that I have NOT produced nor am I submitting any new content for any previous solo sites. ( these facts can be verified also by the fact I have been sporting brunette hair for the past 4 months :P) I hope you all will support me in my future projects, as it is my passion to produce quality genuine work, shows and interaction with my fans. I have photoshoots planned as soon as Monday. So be on the look out for those pic and vid sets very soon!!

Thank you again for all the love and support… keep posted to the latest updates on my official and ONLY Twitter and Tumblr account .. (facebook pages are not official and run by solo site owners)

Hope to see yall all soon in LIVE chats!!

xoxo Gisele

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